???Privacy is dead ??“ Get over it.???
– What is the internet
??? A basic and requirement for almost every consumer in the western culture to have.
??? A computer network consisting of a worldwide network of computer networks that use the TCP/IP network protocols to facilitate data transmission and exchange.
??? A worldwide network of computers that can be accessed via the TPL computer network. The Internet allows local computer users to find and use information resources on computers of other academic institutions, research institutes, private companies, government agencies and individuals.
??? Is a network of networks joining together. Millions of public, private, academic, business, and government are all linked together sharing and providing each other with information essentially forming one big archive of data.
??? 400 million people have alliance to either facebook or myspace.
o Advantages on the internet
??? Communication:
??? Can communicate with anyone anywhere in the world in a matter of a fraction of a second.
??? Send mail electronically (email) / replaced letters in majority of cases.
??? See each other (webcam).
??? Online chat rooms available to keep in contact with instant conversations with friends, relatives and even meet new people.
??? Information:
??? Internet??™s biggest advantage.
??? Replaces libraries and books.
??? Up to date almost instantainiasly 24/7 worldwide.

o Risks of using the internet
??? Companies are hired to watch what you browse / visit on your computer and infiltrate the information to push advertisement based on your history.
??? Search engines have the ability to track user searches. Information and topics on which are searched can be used to get a rough idea on the type of person is using it. This data is stored to help the company provide better services.
??? Because of social networking such as facebook and myspace excessive amounts of personal data such who they are, where they live, pictures of themselves, birthdays, age, relationship status and what they up to is spread across the internet on a daily basis.
??? Having a consistent connection whether it is online or offline leads into social, anger and commonly depression issues.

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– Internet Privacy
o What is it
??? Internet privacy is the desire or approval of personal data spread across the Internet.
??? Involves the control in which the data is used / revealed and stored.
??? Keeps one??™s personal data safe from identity theft.
o Identity theft
??? Crime where people impersonate someone else.
??? Mainly done for a financial gain.
??? Physical personal data is required such as social security numbers, signatures, names, phone numbers, addresses, banking and credit card information.
??? With personal information gathered inline the thief could apply for loans or even new credit card accounts.
??? No matter how the information is obtained the outcome is always the same.
??? Disclosing a breach can harm an investigation.
o Rights
??? The key information for identity theft is your social security number.
??? A company has a six day gap before having to disclose to the public / consumers that the data has been breached.
??? Californias disclosure law doesn??™t play a role if the data is encrypted.
o How does it happen
??? More ways of identity theft pop up every day.
??? Key loggers, email spoofing, chat rooms, network hacking, Trojan horses, replica websites designed to trick the user into filling out / login with there legitimate data.
??? Once a thief has data, computers are used to make a false identification, counterfeit checks and other documents to commit fraud.
o What can be done
??? No matter who you ask, the first thing they will say is to minimise the risk.
??? Make sure you understand the extent of which your data is being stored / security and the exact intended uses before disclosing information
??? Make sure the requested information is relevant.
??? Keep facebook and myspace privacy settings to only friends. Although you can still work around these settings it is helpful to minimise personal information and photos on the Internet all together.

o Public example:
??? PlayStation Network Breach
??? Quotes:
o ???Well, the bad guys are targeting in the cloud services, that??™s becoming clear. We??™re seeing a lot of events like this as of late where the bad guys are able to get in and compromise services and get the information that might be stored by these kinds of services. This Sony one is yet another incident in a long line that have happened over the last six months.??? – Lloyd Borrett
??? What happened
??? How did they handle it
o Over a week later, Sony has exposed minimum information about the intrusion holding customers back from protecting themselves from identity theft, not informing them if there credentials have / had been stolen.
o Sony Refused to disclose the data and extent of the breach.
o Companies get a high praise coming cleaning with the type of data and information stolen if it is done straight away. Not just a little bit of information but a lot. Sony failed.
??? Customer rights
o Affected people should have been alerted straight away.
??? How were they protected
??? Legal battle
o Sony Hasn??™t broken any laws.
– Recommendation.
o Summary of identity theft
o Summary of overall internet protection
o Recommendation


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