Identity changes throughout life, it never stays the same
In some people??™s opinion, identity is to a large extent inherent and it cannot to change, but the truth is that personality is only partly the result of genetic inheritance and it is changing constantly by environment, experiences and time.

Firstly, environment is one of the key forces in changing of identity. People will always change. Some choose to change the environment; some choose to be changed by the environment. However, creating a sense of uniqueness with individuals is always in the groups and societies. And the physical elements are created according to peoples cultural and social values, principles and beliefs. A major change in these elements is influence on the identity of people. For example, I did not make a speech in front of class until I come to Australia. In the past, I??™m really too shy and I lack the confidence to do a thing. But I change a lot in Australia and do everything better and better. I think the first and the most important reason is that I get more encourage from teachers and friends.

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Moreover, personal experience is to change the values and outlook on life as a bridge. As a young man, Pascal had a profound encounter with Jesus Christ. This life-changing experience motivated him to refocus his study from science and math to theology. Actually, it is the same to us that experience can change a lot of us, such as the method of thinking, the values, even the identities. Like in the ???Sticks and Stones and Such-like???, Sunil Badami changed his name to Neil because his name sounds too Indian, but then his mother have a argument with him about this. After this, his knew his mother is very sad and know what it meant to himself and what it meant to his mother. The experience helps him maintain a positive and optimistic attitude towards life and he didn??™t worry so much about his name.

Furthermore, as we grow with time as whom we know ourselves and define our identities. Plato said: time to take everything undertakes, will put your name, appearance and personality changes. It is true to said that identity is not absolute; it changes over time. However, as we grow with time and our lives become filled with stress and worries. Everyone can meet adversities, however, most people cannot stand up any more and cannot turn the stumbling into a stepping stone when they down. That make people are lost with time and their dreams never come true , even lost some past interesting ideas and some special identities. Like in the end of the movie ???The lost thing???, the boy says that: I see that kind of thing less and less these days. Maybe there aren??™t many lost things around anymore or maybe I??™ve just stopped noticing them. Too busy doing other staff, I guess
In conclusion, a conscious, his personality and temperament is always changing and environment, experience and time are making a strong contribution to the sense of the identity

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