Current Ethical Issues Paper
Christopher Quildon
June 10, 2012
Instructor: Dan Mitchell

Current Ethical Issues Paper
The company I chose is called, Smith Systems Consulting. This type of company will require that they are totally trusted by the customers that they have as clients. In order to create a successful ethical organization profile you must first find ethical employees that are both ethically and morally sound. They must be willing to listen to their fellow employees and already be living a life away from the job in an ethical manner. These ethical leaders must be fair when it comes to making decisions and can be trusted. Managers must be able set an example on what is expected on how to conduct themselves in the company. They must also know how to discipline employees that have violated company standards when needed and can reward an employee when an employee has earned it. Having a great service means nothing if there is a scandal that stems from someone or some persons acting unethically or immorally. Everyone involved with the organization represents that company and its??™ services or products. The other important factor is communication and that always needs to be clear and concise. Having training on ethical and moral will prepare the employees for any situation.
The organization will use ethical hiring practices which will involve hiring employees with strong ethical values. They will require ethical training for all employees, especially those that new to the company. The goal is that employees will be taught all ethical policies and codes and be informed that there is punishment if anyone breaks these rules no matter what level you are on. Employees will be held accountable for their actions. They will have to take responsibility for any unethical results stemming from their own actions and will have to answer for unethical behavior. All employees will be taught that any decisions being made will come from an ethical and moral origin and there will be an option to discuss all decisions. The makeup of this program that I intend to implement will ensure the success of this business and the employees will reap those benefits. The goal will be to be portrayed not only by our clients but our employees as a company that is fair and just in all situations whether the company benefits or not. Believe it or not this type of program is needed for an organization to build a strong solid foundation for their success.
When doing business that involves many different cultures and a variety of customers, ethics
and morality should be first and foremost a priority. In doing so, this means that you must take
all precautions to train all of your staff from the top to the bottom. Putting things in perspective
as a business that has a global presence is vital to the success of that business. It is important to
note that upper level management will play a key role in setting the example for all other
employees. What needs to be present is leadership that acts ethically and morally right, along
with the practices of that business and the climate of that business also following along those
guidelines. Keeping all of these factors in place will ensure that your organization is a well-oiled
machine; grant it you will have a few bumps and bad apples that you will have to sort out.
There is no doubt that a business that is ethically and morally sound will be very successful in more ways than one. You will have employees and customers that are very happy. There will have to be sound practices in place that are fair to everyone. Maintaining that reputation of being a fair minded company is very important these days especially in light of all of the negative media that has been put on companies like Enron and WorldCom and just Wall Street in general. The ethical and moral conduct of any business needs to be encouraged by playing a major role in not only encouraging that everyone is ethical and moral but also practicing it themselves. Basically, those words will mean nothing to the employees if upper management does not practice what they preach.

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