Ictq Lvl 2 Pres Soft Assignment

Presentation Software Level 2 (Credit value 4)


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1. See below my feedback on your assignment.

2. The first thing you need to do is save a copy of this document, either onto your computer or a disk – save as ps2-assessment resub 1

3. Then read my feedback very carefully, and work through your Assessment, remembering to save your work regularly, using the filenames I have asked you to use. Please make sure you read filenames very carefully as some of them are very similar, and if you make the corrections to the wrong file(s), unfortunately, you??™ll have to make them again.

4. Instructions on which files to submit are given at the end of this document.

Name: Emanuela Cristina Moraru, Level 2 ITQ User Skills

|Learner Name |Emanuela Moraru |
|Qualification |Level 2 Certificate for IT Users ??“ ITQ (QCF) |
|Unit |Presentation Software Level 2 |
|Task(s) |A, B & C |
|Pass or to be resubmitted |RESUBMISSION please |
| | |
| |Please resubmit by: 7 May 2013 |
|Assessment criteria that have been achieved |
|1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.7, 2.1, 2.2, 2.5, 3.1 |
|Assessment criteria that are still to be achieved |
|1.1, 1.3, 1.5, 2.3, 2.4, 2.6, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 |
|General Comments (specific to assessment criteria and tasks) |
|Please also see the additional feedback comments beneath your answers |
| |
| |
|You??™ve produced some very good work, Cris. However, you do need to make some changes, and need to give a little more information in |
|your answers to some of the questions. I have put comments after each question on this paper, and anything you still have to do is in |
|red. |
| |
|The action plan below also shows what you still need to do. |
| |
|Please make sure when you make your corrections that you do not alter anything which has already been marked as correct and do not |
|delete any of your original answers or any of my feedback in this document. |
|Action Plan (specific to assessment criteria and tasks) |
| |
|Before correcting your work please refer to the feedback comment for each question |
| |
|Part A Please make the corrections to Question 1, then save the file using the filename mountain_rescue resub 1 |
| |
|Part C Please add more information to your answers to Questions 1 and 3, then save the file using the filename ps2-assessment resub 1 |
|Tutor Name |Lesley Mackay |
|Tutor Signature |[pic] |
| | |
|Date | 30 April 2013 |
|Start time |1635 |Finish time |1745 |Time taken |70 mins |



You have a holiday job in a mountain rescue centre which also offers training courses.

Part A (B1.1/B1.2/B1.3/B1.4/B1.5/B1.6/B1.7/B2.1/B2.2/B2.3/B2.4/B2.5/B2.6/B3.2)

1. In this part of the assessment you are expected to produce a slide show presentation for residents showing details of some of the facilities and courses available at the centre.

The presentation must contain:

??? A master slide Done
??? At least 6 slides Done
??? At least 4 examples of blending objects with text (this must include sound or video, and a chart and a table, but can also include images and photographs)
??? Sound or video – Done
??? Chart – Done
??? Table ??“ Done
??? Other – Done
??? At least 1 animation effect Done
??? At least 1 slide transition Done
??? At least 3 different types of text formatting (e.g. using bold, italics, colour, underlining, alignment) Done
??? At least 3 examples of editing techniques ??“ you??™ll apply these techniques to your presentation in Part B of this assessment. Done

You will have downloaded some resource files to help you complete this part of the assessment.

Some content for the presentation can be found in the resource file Ski presentation content. You may also use your own object files or write your own text.

Note: When including sound or video in your presentation, you will need to send a copy of the sound / video file you have used to your tutor along with your final evidence for this assessment.

When you have finished your presentation, save the document with the file name: mountain_rescue Done

29/04/13 – This is a very good presentation, Cris. You??™ve obviously put a great deal of effort into it. However, there are some changes required. Please open your file mountain_rescue and save it again using the filename mountain_rescue resub 1 then make the changes described below. I know that you have already made some of these changes in your file mountain_rescue_v1 but they do need to be correct in this first version of the file, too.

??? Slide 1 ??“ There are spaces at the beginning of the paragraph which should not be there. Please delete these spaces so that the first line of the paragraph begins at the margin.

??? Slide 1 ??“ Part of this paragraph is not correct. The text by as aiding material should probably be by vision2learn. Please correct this.

??? Slide 3 ??“ There is a full stop after accommodation but there isn??™t one after the other line of text or after the text at the top of the previous slide, so please delete this full stop.

??? Slide 7 ??“ The title OUR PRICE IS TRULY COMPETITIVE should be OUR PRICES ARE TRULY COMPETITIVE as there are 3 prices, not one. Also, this is the only title which is displayed all in capitals, so it is not consistent with the other titles. Please change it to Our prices are truly competitive

??? Slide 4 ??“ There are mistakes in the bulleted list. One word is split over 2 lines and one of the bullets is missing. I feel you??™ve put too much on this slide, Cris. I suggest you create a new slide before slide 4, put an appropriate title on the slide, and move the list of courses to that slide.

??? TransitionTimings ??“ You have set the slide show to run automatically. This is suitable, as the person viewing it would not need to click the mouse to advance the slides. However, you have left the same amount of time on all slides. When I show the presentation, there is not enough time to read all the text on the Key Staff slide. Please alter the timing on the Key Staff slide. You might want to look at Page 4 of Session 3 of the online vision2learn materials for the Presentation unit for a reminder of how you can change the timings of transitions.

??? All slides except for slide 1 are set to advance on mouse click and also set to advance after a certain amount of time. Please set slide 1 to advance after a certain amount of time, so that when you run the slide show automatically, as you have set it up to do in Set Up Slide Show it won??™t be necessary to click on this slide to move to the next slide, as it is at the moment.

When you??™ve made the changes, save the file keeping the name mountain_rescue resub 1 and close that file.

The titles are inconsistent across the presentation, as some are red and some are white, some are in italics and some are not. However, as you were asked to use different types of formatting, I will not ask you to change this, but a presentation looks more professional if the titles and other slide content are formatted consistently.

In this presentation the sound file is set to play on mouse click but the presentation is set to play automatically. In your file mountain_rescue_v1 you have changed this so that the sound plays automatically. I will not ask you to change this, because it??™s possible that you might want to show the presentation to an audience at some time using the mouse to advance the slides, and you might want to click on the sound icon to play the sound.

Part B (B2.3)

1. Re-open the document mountain_rescue that you saved in Part A of this assessment.


2. Now change the order of slides in your presentation by switching Slide 2 and Slide 3 around.


3. Choose some text in your presentation that you would like to replace (for example, a particular word you would like to change throughout your presentation). Find and replace this chosen content in your presentation now. Use the box below to give details of the text you have chosen to change:

I have chosen to change the word `courses` with the word `classes`.


4. In Part A, you added a series of objects to your presentation (such as tables, charts, images, etc). Edit your presentation by changing the size and position of one of these objects. Use the box below to give details of the object you have edited:

I have increased the size of the picture in slide 3(now-used to be slide 2 before) and filled the slide with it instead of living it in the center as it was, moved and decreased size of image from slide 7 from lower right corner to upper right corner, and moved the image from lower left corner in center low.

You do not seem to have moved the image which is on slide 3 of this presentation, although I can see you have changed the size slightly. However, I can see clearly that you??™ve changed the size and position of the images which are on slide 6 (although in your answer above you have stated they are on slide 7).

5. Finally, add a simple shape (for example, an arrow or a star) at an appropriate point in your presentation.

Done ??“ star on slide 1

6. Save a new version of your presentation with the file name: mountain_rescue_v1


Part C (B1.1/B1.5/B1.7/B3.1/B3.2/B3.3/B3.4)

Answer each of the questions below in no more than 50 words.

|Why did you select the object files (eg video/audio/image files) you chose to use |
| |
| |
|I have chosen these objects to put in my work because I believe they are most representative, given the subject. |
| |
|You??™ve said why you chose the specific objects you used. Could you also explain why you would add images, charts and sound to your |
|presentation, rather than just having text and sets of numbers, please, Cris. I know the question isn??™t very clear, but this is what??™s |
|also required. |
| |
|Please add this information below this feedback, then save this file again, keeping the filename ps2-assessment resub 1 |
|I have chosen to add images to my presentation as I felt that images will make my work more meaningful , easy to understand if people can |
|???picture??? the meaning of the words, also pictures draw attention and are quite appealing to most viewers, I added charts in order to make |
|the written statement and percentages much clearer and finally I have added sound as I considered that sound will improve and make the |
|whole more interesting and attractive. |
| |
| |

|Where did you get the object files from |
| |
|I got some of the picture of the internet searching with Google-image search, and the audio file is a bit of a Clip Art called ???Light |
|Piano???, that I have found in power point`s gallery. |
| |
|Done |

|Can you identify any constraints, local guidelines or conventions relating to how objects / images are used in presentations |
| |
|First of all we must be careful , not to plagiarise someone else if using their pictures, songs-ask for permission, objects should be |
|centered to attract the eye of the beholder, should be related to the subject of the whole presentation and to the content of each slide |
|in particular. |
| |
|You??™ve given one constraint, Cris, by saying that you have to ask for permission to use objects which are not your own and reference the |
|source of the object. Although what you have said in the rest of your answer is true, it doesn??™t answer the question, I??™m afraid. |
| |
|Could you give something else which you might have to comply with when producing presentations The question asks if you can identify any|
|local guidelines relating to how you may use images or other objects in a presentation (such as anything your employer might insist on |
|when you produce presentations). Imagine that you work in an office and are producing the presentation for the company. What does local |
|guidelines mean, and what might they be |
| |
|Please and add this extra information below this feedback, then save this file keeping the filename ps2-assessment resub 1 |
|There can be a number of local guidelines, such as: justified text-if left justified is easier to read for people with dyslexia, single |
|line spacing-easier to read for people with dyslexia as well, no subtitles for video or audio as some people might find them hard to read,|
|proper formatting for text as size, clarity of fonts so anybody can read it, a quite strong contrast between text and background so the |
|text is easy to read. These are called ???equal opportunities design guidelines???, but each company might customize them according to their |
|needs, for instance if the presentation needs to be delivered to people who cannot read should have narration, or for people who cannot |
|understand English and speak some other language maybe a subtitling in that language or narration in that language. |
| |
| |
| |
| |

|Explain how your presentation has met the needs of your audience. |
|It is containing all the essential content, it is easy to read(clear font) and see due to the dark background and lively colours of the |
|pictures, the message is clear and to the point and the slides are in the correct order, it has no subtitles for the audio file. |
| |
|Very good answer, Cris. |

|List at least four things you should check on your presentation to ensure it is accurate. Identify one further part of your presentation |
|that might need to be checked / improved (such as quality of images, etc). |
|Spelling, size and quality of objects embedded, transitions and timing of slides, formatting and alignment of the text in it, page layout |
|and orientation. |
| |
|Very good. You should also check the following in presentations: |
| |
|that there are no data entry errors ??“ by proof reading the text very carefully |
|content ??“ that you??™ve added what you wanted to the slides |
|that you have the slides in the correct order |
|that sound plays when you run the presentation (although you??™ve implied this in your answer) |
|that animation works when you run the presentation |

1. Now use your list to check your presentation. Make any changes or corrections as necessary.

Sending work

Once you have completed all corrections, you will need to send your work to your tutor so he or she can see the progress you have made.

Send the following files:

1. This document saved as ps2-assessment resub 1
2. mountain_rescue resub 1

When you??™re ready, go to www.vision2learn.com and send your files to your tutor via your My Study area.

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