Ice Cream Stall

Proposal to set up fruits ice cream

in NTU??™s Canteen 2

1. The business model

The business model though simple, it has been carefully engineered from the start. Our intention is to capitalize on the young consumer needs that churn out distinctive advantages to Canteen 2 through its unique operation.

The existence of our business is NOT to solve a problem but to meet some unmet consumer??™s needs that are not fulfilled especially in tertiary schools.

Our nature of business has been recognized not to cause any unnecessary competition to other existing vendors in canteen 2 as we target a differentiated niche of consumers.

The business idea is carefully integrated to promote not just serving ice-cream products, but it is also a form of expressing the current lifestyle of our targeted young segment. For instance, both Coffee Bean and Starbucks have always been successful in promoting lifestyle as primary marketing focus, with their coffee products as the secondary focus. In NTU, we are looking forward to tap on our targeted audience with the attraction of a spacious air-conditioned canteen for students to gather and network during off-peak hours and during lesson breaks (Lifestyle) with the enjoyment of a tasteful ice-cream (product). The synergy of being able to network with friends and enjoyment of our products initiate a new lifestyle on how the students can utilize their long-hour breaks.
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Though our ultimate challenge is to attract vibrant and new crowd to canteen 2, nevertheless, we will alternatively inject innovation into the local food culture while we provide affordable pricing of our products for our targeted segment

Our business idea of selling ice-cream (product) has been capitalized on how to bring innovation to a local commodity food that long exists and has been well accepted in the local culture since Singapore??™s early 60??™s. It is designed to bring subjective alternative to drinks and desserts yet capturing its whole different niche consumer group of its own.

A recent small-scale survey has been carried out to gather varies opinions of students. Most had expressed interest to have a place like atrium to gather, network and rest with the enjoyment of ice cream or snacks, while some welcome the integration of a coffee club.

Understanding that 1 is a dangerous number, we are keen to provide a wide range of delicious fruits ice cream instead of just banking on 1 type of ice cream. Suggestions from students during the survey have been considered to bring in fruits from the four seasons.

2. Management and Operation Plan

The final decision to operate the stall at NTU tertiary lays three essential reasons behind:

1) Taking into account the extra crowds from public, specially from the nearby camps.

2) We have taken into account of attracting another segment, which is made up of the consumers from the night classes of NTU.

3) Being a frequent patronizes of NTU, we are familiar with the tertiary infrastructure.

Our Operating Business Hours:

Monday —Friday
11am to 7pm (Hours to be adjusted)


10 am to 3 pm (Hours to be adjusted)

Sunday (off)

Retirees are our prior key of employment for our staffing needs as we strongly encourage the healthy elderly to remain active in employment and continue to contribute to our society. We fully support the Government??™s social initiative.

Hygiene practices will be strictly adhered to comply with NEA rules & requirement under the Environmental Public Health Act. Regular internal checks will be reinforced to ensure hygiene practices are carried out.

In the events of frequent site checks are unable to be carried out, surveillance are to be carried out via installed CCTV, this is to ensure that our staffs who are responsible for food handling will comply with the necessary standards issued by NEA:

– Usage of any raw food materials for consumption is directly purchased from established and reputable local suppliers like Wall Ice Cream and Phoon Huat.

– No further cooking or reprocessing of food is required at the canteen except for scooping of ice cream and topping of nuts.

– Disposable Gloves will be provided to food handlers.

– Disposable utensil will be used for hygiene purposes and washing will not be required unless necessary.

– Facilities needed are mainly electricity supply and a washing sink (subjected to NEA requirement if deemed as necessary).

We would provide our own mobile pushcart in the events that existing stalls are not available.

Design of the pushcart will be acted upon with the advice from usage of town gas is not required.

Proposed Pricing:

1 serving with fresh fruits: $1.90
2 servings with fresh fruits: $3.50
3 servings with fresh fruits: $5.50
4 servings with fresh fruits: $7.00

3. Rental

Here is a breakdown of our proposed rental pricings for further negotiation:

$30–$35 per day (1st and 2nd month)* (neg)
$40–$45 per day (3rd month and there after)* (neg)

*Excluding utensil collection, electricity usage and CC/SC charges.

A rebate for the months of school holidays is greatly appreciated.


The keys of sustaining our business model in the long run are:

1) It will be the unique business model of its own in Ngee Ann Poly.

2) Premium product quality will include a large variety of fresh fruits from the four seasons when ever possible.

3) Singapore experiences warm to hot weather ranging approximately eight months of the year. Icy products serve as a good purpose to the targeted audience.

4) The start-up costs will not be financed through loan, but purely through sustainable cash flow.

5) Little or no advertising is required as the primary marketing is done through word of mouth of our targeted segments.

6) Compared to other food service products, Ice cream will be a relatively simple business to operate.

7) Marketing activities are being considered to give discount rates for first year students.

8) It is believed that with our new existence, new crowd will be drawn to canteen 2 during off peak hour??”giving canteen 2 a new identity.


Serving to students and staffs of NTU.

Foods are serve without a need to re process except by scooping and topping

Rotate every week to give consumers a fresh feel

Others reputable snacks (direct from supplier)

Ice cream ( core business)

Our stall


Nuts and chocolate sauce supplier

Ice cream supplier

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